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    Thank you for being willing to support God's work through the Berean local assembly.

    All of Berean's funds are described below with opportunities to give individually and securely online. Please expand the sections below for the fund you are looking to support. Thanks again for supporting the Lord's work at Berean.


    Berean Bible Church dedicates approximately 30% of its budget to support missions. We believe this is central to fulfilling the command of Jesus to making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

    Berean supports many missionaries and Missionary Organizations including over 25 missionaries worldwide. Listed below are some of the mission organizations supported by the Berean Bible Church. When available, links are provided to their websites. Note that not all missionaries are listed as some serve in countries where it is dangerous to be known publicly as a missionary. Please contact the church office for our full list of missionaries we support, or to be included on our monthly prayer list for missionary prayer needs.

    Stateside Missions

    Questions? Please contact the church office at 610-326-8794

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    General Fund

    The general fund serves to support all operations of Berean outside of our designated funds (such as the building fund, or missions). It supports our pastors, vehicles, building operations and general maintenance (non-capital projects), on-premise programs such as the children's ministry, youth group, VBS and other expenses that come from the operation of a ministry.

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    Assistance Fund

    The assistance fund serves to support Berean's benevolence activities.

    Berean Pastors and a sub-team of the elder board work with Berean members and sometimes members of our community to respond to various challenges from one-time emergencies to long-term needs, working with individuals or families in need to transition from a position of needing assistance to a position of stability and dignity, able to provide for themselves and their family's needs.

    Berean also partners with other local organizations to bring expertise in situations where warranted.

    Questions? Please contact the church office at 610-326-8794

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    Capital Improvements Fund

    The capital improvements fund serves to support all building improvement projects. Berean continually maintains and improves the property the Lord has placed in our stewardship. Investments range from large projects, such as our recently completed remodel of the sanctuary, to smaller projects like replacing the conduit and power cable supplying the main building. Berean does not borrow funds to accomplish our capital projects but collects the funds in advance to avoid being in debt.

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    Berean's financial statements are available on a monthly basis at the back of the sanctuary and are audited annually. The results of the annual financial audit are made public at an annual congregational meeting, normally in February.

    The deacon board provides regular oversight of the financial reporting, reviewing financial reports at each meeting, and the church treasurer manages the day-to-day transactions and reporting. For all the gory details, please review our constitution and bylaws.

    Questions? Please contact the church office at 610-326-8794

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