Freedom Ministry

Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32)

God's Solution to Life­ Dominating Addictions

Freedom Ministry is a fellowship of men and women who seek freedom from addictions.

We believe that anyone can be delivered from bondage through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who is the only way to freedom (John 8:36). Freedom Ministries provides an environment of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and accountability, where people affected by drugs, alcohol, and other life-dominating sins can find help. This help comes by the indwelling power of God'sSpirit through personal faith in Jesus Christ and the love of the family of God.

Biblical Teaching

Understanding the principle and practice of surrender is the basic need for the recovering person and their family members. We are a slave of who or what we surrender to. The process of permanently changing outwardly, compulsive habits, and self-centered behavior is accomplished from the inside out. It is a matter of the heart. When we surrender to God on the inside, it changes what we do on the outside.

Freedom Ministries seeks to
  • Be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ
  • Be dependent on the Holy Spirit for personal victory
  • Apply Biblical Principles to every aspect of our lives
  • Provide love, support, and accountability to those seeking freedom
  • Encourage one another through prayer
Ministering to Families

For every addict, there are family members whose lives are affected by this problem. We not only minister to the addict, but also to the family members obsessed with fixing their loved ones

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