Easter Service - Resurrection Ramifications

Series: Holidays and Special Sermons

Easter Service - Resurrection Ramifications

April 04, 2021 | Jace Erb

Passage: John 20:1-10

Order of Service

Prelude: Christ Is Risen He Is Risen Indeed

Easter Video


Scripture: John 20:1-10

Worship: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

Christ Arose

Mercy Tree

Special Music: Abby R - What Mercy Did For Me

Sermon: Pastor Jace Erb - Resurrection Ramifications John 20:1-18

Special Music: Megan W - All Hail King Jesus

He Lives

The Everlasting Blood of Jesus


Series Information

This series contains our special messages, where we take a break from working expositionally through a book of the Bible to address a special holiday or significant event in the world or our culture.

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